Porcelain Repair: German Candleholder

 With this piece – a porcelain figurine that doubled as a candle holder – I had a de-capitation, another break at the base,  a shoe missing, 19 leaves broken or missing, and a large number of petals gone.

Although this was a very expensive piece of porcelain, it had mostly sentimental value to the client, who was not a collector. She was very happy to hear that the figurine could be repaired.

Candelholder porcelain of woman with flower basket and vines and flowers all around.
First job was gluing the pieces back, then making the stems, fabricating roses, fabricating the shoe (freehand).  Then the painting began.

Four different coatings and sandings later, the porcelain repair job was finished.

This is the back of the figurine, showing more fabricated rose petals and vines.

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