Shipping Instructions

While it’s worrisome to ship fragile items, following the instructions below pretty much guarantees that the objects will arrive safe and sound.

Each box shipped should include your name address, phone number, and e­mail, as well as a list of the item(s) and damage. Individual broken pieces should be wrapped separately, bagged together, and placed with the object. double box for shipping fragile, valuable ceramic pieces Please double box, meaning wrap the item with at least 2 inches of cushioning between each piece, place in a sturdy box. Then get a bigger box, cushion all around, and place the smaller box inside.

Many shipping stores have wrapping services if you prefer to have it wrapped for you. Your job will be returned in the same boxes, unless they are insufficient.

Any shipper is alright, use what is convenient for you. Here is my advice.
USPS: Good for smaller boxes, use priority mail, insure, signature required
UPS: Good for larger boxes, ground is fine, insure, signature required, include Tel# FedEx: Good for larger boxes, ground is fine, insure, signature required, include Tel#

USPS address:

Earthy Ideas Studios
P.O. Box 1584
Elephant Butte NM 87935

UPS & FedEx
Please call for address info: 561-906-7335

restored Majolica vaseEstimates & Payments Your job will be estimated within four days of receipt. Estimates are free and firm, unless the piece has so much previous work done that it must be worked on prior to estimating. You will be called or e-mailed with the estimate of cost and time frame.

When the job is finished, you will be called or e-mailed. Full payment for job, return shipping, and insurance must be received before the piece is mailed out. If you need to submit an official estimate on our stationary to an insurance company, let us know and we will provide you with one free of charge.

Liability All jobs should be covered by your own Homeowners or Business insurance. Restorers in private practice do not carry insurance; it is cost-prohibitive. All possible care will be taken with your pieces while in the studio, but we take no responsibility for untoward acts of god or man.

Thanks for considering us for your conservation and restoration needs!