Frequently Asked Questions About Ceramic Restoration

Q. How long will it take to restore my pieces?
A. Call or e-mail for an up-to-date turnaround time. Time frames are reference points; remember, each piece will take its own time, and restoration cannot be rushed.

Q. Should I get a museum repair or an invisible repair?
A. Discuss this with Candace. Serious collectors with rare or expensive pieces may wish to have the piece cleaned, glued, voids filled and missing parts made, but no pigmented coatings to cover over the areas of restoration. Most people will want their piece to look as close to its original state as possible, an invisible restoration.

Q. I live in New Mexico. Can we meet in person instead of shipping?
A. Yes, I frequently meet customers in Las Cruces or Truth or Consequences. Please call or email for an appointment.

Q. I have an old family frame that dropped and chipped and took off some gold leaf, do you do those type of things? What about metal? Glass?
A. Yes, I enjoy working on frames and touching up gold leaf. I also work on metal. I do not grind glass but I do glue and fill glass.

Q. Wouldn’t it be better to glue missing pieces together now?
A. Please never glue a piece you intend to have restored. Supermarket glues are not conservation grade, and glueing correctly, so a that a piece can be worked on further, is difficult. Many times a glued piece must be de-bonded first to continue a restoration.

Q. I have an old doll that has chips on the porcelain hands and head, and a frayed wig, and ugly torn clothes, can you repair it?
A. I can clean and repair all doll parts. Though I do no sewing, I can refer you to sites that sell new wigs and clothing.

Q. Should I use UPS, Fedx or USPS for shipping?
A. If you have no clear preference, small packages will travel well via USPS if you use priority mail and insure the package. Larger pieces are better sent UPS or Fedx, and you will receive that address when we speak or e-mail about your jobs.  Please see my instructions on how to ship fragile valuables for more information.